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Wedding guest reveals how greedy bride sent her email asking for more money

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  • Seyi Akiwowo shared a wedding story that ended with a broken friendship 
  • In a thread that’s since gone viral, Akiwowo, from London, shared how she attended a former colleague’s wedding in Romania with a close friend  
  • After attending the pair were asked to leave contributions – and put 25 euros in 
  • However, day after she arrived back in London, the bride emailed and asked for more

A wedding guest has revealed how she received a severe ticking off for not contributing enough towards her friend’s wedding – the day after she’d attended.

Seyi Akiwowo took to Twitter to share the eye-opening thread which revealed how her former friend sent her a scathing email after she’d returned from the ‘destination wedding’ in Romania.

Akiwowo, left, and her friend, right, put 25 euros into an envelope at the end of the night.

In hilarious detail, Akiwowo re-counted how she’d traveled to the far-away bash with a friend in the summer of 2015 for the wedding of a former work colleague.  

Describing the wedding as ‘dope’ with free goodie bags thrown in, Akiwowo says guests were asked to contribute in little white envelopes at the end of the day. 

Short on euros, Akiwowo and her friend contributed 25 euros and thought no more of it, until they arrived back in London to an email tongue-lashing suggesting they hadn’t offered nearly enough money. 

The bride emailed Akiwowo saying the average contribution from guests was 75-100 euros
The newlywed then asked her wedding guest to make a bank transfer to her account

She wrote about the moment the email came through, saying: ‘I switch on the work laptop so I’m online on Lync… I reach for my phone and guess what I see. 

‘A Facebook message from the bride. My naive self thought she was messaging to ask if we got home okay…N O P E.’

Akiwowo, pictured second left, and her friend, right, had traveled to Romania for the wedding and paid all of their own expenses

Akiwowo goes on to share the full, blistering message and several photos – with the bride’s face not seen – to her Twitter followers.  

The bride’s message starts with an easy question to ask if Akiwowo enjoyed the wedding, but she soon brings up the ‘insufficient’ amount contributed.

The wedding guests also revealed other details of the trip including that there were gift bags and an open bar

She says: ‘You seemed to enjoy plenty but this was not reflected in your contribution to our wedding costs.’

Akiwowo said her and her pal ran out of cash during the trip and only had 25 euros on them by the time the envelope came around at the end of the wedding night

The newly-wed then explains how ‘the average contribution was 100 euro per person, while even 75 euro would be sufficient to cover the costs related to the menu drinks and the location’ and asks Akiwowo to bank transfer her the funds. 

Almost as an afterthought, the bride then says that she hopes Akiwowo got home ‘safe and sound’ and sends her ‘big hugs’. 

She also revealed how they had to rush to the airport and even thought about getting the bride a ‘proper gift’ as they had such a good time at the wedding

The thread has since gone viral with people admitting they can’t stop ‘chuckling’ at it – for both the bride’s message and Akiwowo’s hilarious account of the trip.

As well as revealing the bride’s request Akiwowo tells her Twitter followers about the wedding weekend, saying her and her pal paid all their own expenses.

Akiwowo told her followers that the couple are still together and she’s no longer friends with the ‘debt collector’

She also says that they had to pay an extra baggage charge after almost missing their flight following a heavy night on tequila at the wedding. 

Hilariously, Akiwowo says they even thought about getting the couple a ‘proper gift’ as they’d had such a great time. 

Akiwowo finished the thread by saying the moment killed the friendship; saying: ‘Safe to say I am no longer friends with the debt collector. 

‘The couple are still together and had their first baby earlier this year. I still want my €25 back.’ 

Hundreds of people responded to the thread with some saying they had to ‘reread it’

Hundreds of people have replied to the thread, saying they are stunned with some even admitting they had to reread it to check the madness.

One person said: ‘This thread is amazing! I read it twice to make sure I hadn’t missed the madness.’

Another added: ‘Now that is some story, what a cheek! That’s no friend, never was…’

While others said the married couple shouldn’t have had a wedding if they couldn’t afford to host their guests. 

One person said: ‘This is so wild. Also if someone can’t afford to host people at a weddng they they shouldn’t invite them! It ain’t a club night. You can still get married without the big COST.’

And someone else added: ‘People shouldn’t have weddings they can’t afford to host. What terrible manners this person has, ugh … you though, are all class.’ 

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