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Human Rights Activist Offers Help Ada Jesus Sparks Reactions

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Human Rights Activist Offer to Help Ada Jesus, Makes Crucial Vows, Sparks Reactions

Human Rights Activist Offers Help Ada Jesus Sparks Reactions

Ailing Ada Jesus may be in some luck as some persons have taken it upon themselves to see that she gets back on her feet

– A Nigerian billionaire promised to provide the financial support to see that she is treated just as an activist offered to put her in the best hospital

– Their statements have stirred mixed reactions among social media users.

Hope seems on the offing for ailing Ada Jesus as a Nigerian businessman as well as an activist have both made a heart-warming statement in that regard.

Recall that a close friend of Mmesoma Mercy Obi, alias Ada Jesus had taken to social media over a month ago to cry for help as she lamented that the popular comedienne is suffering kidney problems.

This is as a human rights activist identified as Harrison Gwamnishu made a post on Facebook as he was moved by her condition.

According to Gwamnishu, he was touched when he watched a video where Ada Jesus was carried to a shrine to seek forgiveness and consequent to this, he stated that he is willing to take her to the best hospital in Lagos for treatment.

This is as there are allegations that Ada Jesus’ condition is largely to the hurtful things she has said against some men of God and personalities. But Harrison thinks otherwise, he said all she needs is medical attention.

He wrote:

“I was pained when I watched a live video where @Ada Jesus was carried into a shrine begging for forgiveness.

“I don’t know her in person, but I felt bad seeing how she was treated and subjected to further degrading treatment considering her health challenges.

“If there are men they would have killed long ago through diabolical way, Harrison is among.

“I don’t know what she might have said in the past but I am willing to take Ada Jesus and be admitted in one of the best hospital in Lagos State.

“All she need now is medical care.”

In the comment section, Nigeria business mogul and billionaire Marksman Chinedu Ijioma famed for his humanitarian acts assured of his support to the cause of getting Ada Jesus back to a good state of health.

He said he was ready to make financial commitments even if it will require she is flown abroad.

“I am fully behind you financially to any amount even foreign health care, man should not play god in another’s life.”

Their commitments generated mixed reactions on social media. Reacting, Asa Bekee said: “I’m in support and I’m gonna support as much as I can too , she said she has some money already please find out the balance let’s act on it fast so she could get a transplant done.”

Oge Nsimah wrote:

“Nonsense and apology to the shrine… “This lady does not need anyone forgiveness to get better, those people are not God, what she needs is money to get medical attention timely “I hope she gets the necessary health attention and gets better.

Watch Video Below:

” Uloka Chukwubuikem commented:

“Did you ask for the crime she committed before coming out to juxtapose her situation with yours. “Even the law nor the 10 commandment of the church, would frown at her for laying false accusation on the innocent.

“She has already been relieved of the curse, she can now respond to treatment.” Daily gist TV could not confirm if any of them had made contacts with Ada Jesus since making those assuring statements.

Meanwhile, Legit.ng earlier reported that Rita Edochie had said that she has forgiven Ada Jesus as she succumbed to pressure.

The actress wrote: “I am happy that the WHOLE WORLD has seen that Ada Jesus framed all SORTS of LIES and HEAPED on ME. I have been VINDICATED by Ada’s PREDICAMENTS.

The good LORD has FOUGHT my BATTLE for me. As a RESULT of PLEADINGS from people, PARTICULARLY my FANS, i have FORGIVEN her.

Let HER beg GOD for FORGIVENESS and HEALING.” Edochie went on to advise the young lady and others like her against speaking badly about men of God, particularly Prophet Odumeje.

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